Elders Quorum: Frank McKinley, member EQ presidency
Relief Society: Jamie Hubbard, JoLynn Marshall
Priests/Teachers Bishop Lemburg, Jeff Heileson, Steve Dobb, George Larsen
Deacons: Bret Nybo, Adam Cantwell, Chris Christensen
Young Women: Jamie Reeder, Karin Miller
Gospel Doctrine: Lili Bitner, Kim Leavitt, Brooke Lemburg, David Neil
Course 16-17: Sue Alvey, Jodi Seegmiller
Course 14-15: Duane Hilton, Eric Miller
Course 11-13: James & Carol Lentz

2The following options are to be set to provide a consistent approach in each class for each host and participant.
1. Scheduling Meetings
   a. Meetings will be scheduled for every Sunday of the month at 10:30 AM through 31 Dec 2021
   b. Set meeting duration to 45 minutes
   c. Delete the meetings that will not be held
   d. Will need a different meeting after Jan 1 2022.
2. Waiting rooms are to be turned off
3. Meeting Passcode for each class will be emailed to you. This may or may not work at times.
4. All participants’ audio will be muted prior to and on entry.
5. Allow participants to join prior to the host.
There will be additional adjustments as we learn how to make Zoom an effective tool.

To add administrators and users to your zoom account
Admins/Users need to include the Instructors/Moderators and Organization Presidency
YouTube User Management

1. Open a web browser and go to
2. Sign into your meeting with the appropriate email and password for your class that you will instruct or moderate.
    a. You may need to sign in with Google, if it does not work initially
3. On the left side of the screen click on meetings.
4. Find the date of the meeting you are hosting and click on meeting ID.
5. Once you see START click on it and your meeting will begin.

As the host or moderator, you will control the meeting. If the class is small enough the instructor can host or control the meeting.
Here are a few roles and responsibilities when acting as the host or moderator.
1.  Start the meeting on time and not early through the website. It will go 40 min from the time you start the meeting.
2.  If you are the host for Elders Quorum, Relief Society or Gospel Doctrine the waiting room has been turned on for your meeting. This is to ensure you have sufficient time for the instructor.
    a. The waiting room is not setup for the other classes at this time.
3.  Allow people in from the waiting room.
4.  You will be responsible for muting participants that get unmuted. Only you and the instructor should be unmuted.

Click on the video below for additional controls you may need.

YouTube Video Meeting Controls

Additional Zoom training/tutorials are available at the following link